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Our Solutions

Vita Group principals discuss fundraising with client.

Vita Financial

Vita Financial supports startup medical device companies with seed funding solutions. We work through traditional and non-traditional fundraising solutions. We also present your innovative device ideas to our network of inventors, investors and partnered doctors. Fill out our inquiry form and note that you’re interested in funding opportunities for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Medical Device engineer working on cad drawings.

Vita Group

Vita Group is a research, design and manufacturing; medical incubator company. We specialize in the commercialization of medical devices and work with our partners through the entirety of the product development and deployment process. This process includes whiteboard idea generation workshops, cad concept drawings, rapid prototyping, lab testing, concept feedback workshops, case observations and product strategy.

Medical device incubator employee storyboards the process to commercialization.

Company Creation

Our team has experience in starting up multiple medical device companies and we’re here to help you. Partner with Vita Group to ensure clearances with FDA compliance, regulatory quality management system controls, go-to-market product strategy, marketing, social media, content creation, customer service, warehousing, inventory control management and distribution.

A group of surgeons using new medical devices.

National Sales Team

Vita Solutions, our sister company, is one of the most impactful assets we have to help your new medical device company quickly increase revenue. Vita Solutions is a plug-and-play national team of medical device sales professionals. Vita Solutions works with startups and provides the sales force that enables the startup to quickly get on their feet, without the need to staff an in-house sales team.

Photo of globe representing global distribution.

Global Distribution

We are proud to maintain global partnerships and offer our partners worldwide distribution channels. Our outreach distribution network currently includes Central and South America, Italy and South Korea. Through our worldwide distribution channels, we help establish visas and compliant regulatory bodies. We also cover device registration enabling global sales, reference registration numbers, tax, import and export consulting.

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