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Top 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Research and Development Company: Finale

If you clicked on this article and thought, “Haven’t I already read a similar article?” You would be correct. We have posted an article on the top 10 questions to ask when choosing a R&D company, along with a part two. This article is dedicated to answering the remaining questions from the past two parts. So, let’s start with a recap. Here are the 10 questions we suggest inventors consider when evaluating R&D groups for their projects.

  • What are the specialties of the R&D group and do they align with the project goals?

  • What career disciplines are employed by the R&D group?

  • What are the predicted turnaround times for device commercialization?

  • Does the R&D group offer financial funding assistance or shares of equity?

  • Does the R&D group provide regulatory guidance?

  • Does the R&D group maintain manufacturing connections internationally and domestically?

  • Does the R&D group outsource prototyping? Can they prototype real prototypes in color? Do they use over-mold prototyping?

  • Does the R&D group charge at cost or do they charge a margin for development work?

  • Do the engineers test the device hands-on, in dry-lab or wet-lab surgery environments?

  • Does the R&D group offer marketing, distribution, and/or sales solutions for product launch?

So, now that you know the most important questions to contemplate before signing up with a R&D company, we’d respond with a few key services Vita Group provides to our investors that are crucial to the quick, affordable, and quality development of medical device products.

  • Do the engineers test the device hands-on, in dry-lab or wet-lab surgery environments?

It’s important for engineers to get hands-on experience with their devices in labs. Unfortunately, R/D companies usually hire lab testing services for their prototypes, and engineers don’t get to interact with their device in the lab setting. Instead, they receive notes on the testing through a secondhand source. At Vita Group, our engineers are in the OR/Dry Labs/