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6 Steps To Writing A Press Release

Updated: Feb 3

If you or your company has some exciting news to announce, you might want to look into publishing a press release. But first, you should understand what a press release is. A press release is an article meant to attract the attention of journalists so they might write a story about a topic. This could be a product, service, or event. A press release includes information on the who, what, where, when, and why surrounding this topic. How exactly do you write a press release? Read the suggestions listed below for guidance.

1. Headline: The first thing anyone notices when they’re scrolling through endless amounts of media is the headline. An invoking and catchy title influences whether or not the viewer will click on your press release. The headline must intrigue the reader while being informative on the topic.

2. Company information: Next, you’ll include your company information. This will introduce the “who” behind the subject to give the reader context, as well as bring exposure to your company. Keep it brief and add only key points about your company.

3. Body Text: Now, your press release is ready for the main event: your topic. The body text should do 3 things: raise awareness on your topic, focus on basic but newsworthy facts, and provide information to journalists that they can build upon for their own story on your topic. Keep it short and straight to the point.